The use of marijuana concentrates in cooking is one of the ideas that many marijuana users have explored in their quest to get more of the benefits that this plant provides. It is no lie that the use of marijuana and its products is not a habit but a lifestyle by itself.

Hash is just one among the products that are derived from the cannabis plant. Hash can be put to use in many ways from direct consumption to vaping and even cooking with hash.

In this article, we explore the world of hash oil cooking and all it entails.

How to decarboxylate hash

To decarboxylate hash refers to the use of heat to convert the THCA compound into THC. This is the first step that one should engage in before using the hash. This process is important because if the hash is used in that raw state to make edibles, the liver will not be able to break down the THCA into THC and its effect will not be felt in the edibles. To decarb hash you will need the following;

  • An oven
  • Hash in its raw state
  • Parchment paper


  • You will need to break the hash into tiny pieces to facilitate even heating once placed in the oven. It is advisable at this point to put the hash on parchment paper to make it easy for removal once roasted.
  • Place the hash piece in an oven at 250 degrees and let it decarb for not less than 25 minutes.
  • Once the 25 minutes are over
  • take out your hash from the oven
  • let it cool and after that
  • it is ready for use.


The liver can now digest the THC in its present state after decarbing. The hash at this stage is also suitable for use in making edibles.

Hash butter recipe

One can make the most potent cannabis-infused butter with the use of hash than when cannabis buds are used. The content of THC contained in hash depends on the form the hash is in. Non-solvent hash is known to contain between 30% to over 63% of THC content in it.

Wax hash, however, goes way past that and is known to contain over 80% of THC content. This, therefore, means one gram of non-solvent can contain anything between 300mg to 630mg of THC whereas on the other side one gram of wax can contain over 800mg of THC.

In order to make hash butter, you will need the following ingredients;

  • 1 gram of decarbed organic hash
  • 4 tablespoons of organic butter



  • Preheat a pan and melt the butter on it.
  • As the butter melts, whisk the hash into it and continue whisking until the hash melts into the butter.
  • Let this cook for about half an hour and then let it cool.
  • Your hash butter is ready and can be used for making edibles.

How to cook with hash

Hash can range from dry and crumby to sticky and gummy. When it comes to cooking with hash, the dry and crumby form is preferred as opposed to the sticky and gummy which is more suited for smoking purposes. The dry and crumby form of hash allows you to grind the hash and you can then stir that fine powder into any kind of food that you are cooking. Hash requires some fat or alcohol to help it metabolize in the human body when consumed.

In the case that you are adding the hash to a meal that is fat-free, it is important to take that meal alongside another meal that contains some amount of fat or better yet a drink that contains fat such as milk.

The temperature of the heat when cooking should be given special attention. This is because THC evaporates at any temperature above 392 degrees. You can cook with such heat so long as the heat of the meal itself does not get anywhere close to it.

You do not want your THC to evaporate even before being consumed, that would be a waste of effort as well as money. Ensure that the hash being ground for use in cooking is decarb to make it possible for the THC to be digested by the body.

How to make hash coconut oil?

Cannabis coconut oil made from the use of the hash is used in many instances as an alternative to hash butter when cooking with hash. Making coconut oil using hash is not hard at all and can be completed by following simple steps.

You will need two cups of coconut oil and 40 grams of decarbed hash. Once you have these two ingredients, the next step is to combine both ingredients in a saucepan. Simmer this mixture over the lowest possible heat for about an hour, make sure you stir as frequently as possible.

The next step involves straining the mixture over cheesecloth in a sieve. Use a large measuring cup to keep the measurement of just how much hash coconut oil you have made. The training has to be done for about an hour if all the hash coconut oil is to be retrieved. Squeeze the remaining by using your hand. Let this cool and then store for later use.


Cooking with hash is one of the most commonly used methods by marijuana users to get more intense marijuana effects. This applies to both recreational use of THC and medical use of CBD.

Hash being a marijuana concentrate contains a higher concentration of cannabinoids than regular marijuana, and thus regular smokers, even those with high tolerance find it hard to control the effects of the high induced by use of hash.

The effects caused by the use of hash also tend to kick in faster and last longer. This makes hash more suitable for medicinal use, especially in relieving pain among patients with chronic illnesses. For leisure use, the high induced would work well with the user since it last longer.

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