Medical marijuana edibles are the favoured method of consumption for many of our patients who prefer not to or cannot consume the medicine by smoking it.  Fruitridge Health and Wellness Collective offer a long list of medical marijuana edibles including cookies, brownies, fudges, cakes, lollipops, Rice Krispie treats, and many others.  We carry the acclaimed Shiva Snax line and also J Sossy’s.

Please read the directions and speak with a budtender before consuming any of our edibles, as some are much more potent than others, so the correct dosing instructions should be followed carefully.  Last but not least, don’t forget about Free Edible Friday which is every week.  Check out our Specials page to learn more about Free Edible Friday and our other awesome specials.

For those of you who prefer to cook or make your own edibles, we offer the supplies you need including cannabutter, coconut oil, and others.  Please browse our marijuana recipe collection on The Kitchen page for more details.